question on managing UCS C series ESXi server


Apr 5, 2016 7:27 PM
eddchen Apr 5th, 2016


Our UC environments are sitting on 3 UCS C series boxes with cucm pub unity on box1 and pub and uccx on box2 and Quality Management server on Box3.

Now we have server team raising concern about managing these boxes as in their point of view it is poorly managed as no backup, patching or upgrade is currently implemented.

2 of the ESXi is running 5.1 and 1 is running 5.0

Could someone provide me info on what is the best practice from cisco in terms of managing server platform for these UC VMs to keep it up to date coordinate to cisco standards. I am kind of worrying the server guys may tweak something like they do to other ESXi and cause the cisco appliance to fail.

In short, what is the scope for reasonable tweaks to be applied on these ESXi to maintain its health.




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