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Fri, 12/09/2011 - 08:39
Dec 9th, 2011

Cisco Support Community invites each of you to join Cisco in lending a hand to Teachers Without Borders.  The non-profit connects teachers to information and each other to create local change on a global scale.  The program is simple.  Each time you TAG a discussion, document, video, blog we'll donate $1 to Teachers Without BordersThe program will run for 90 days or up to a maximum donation of $15,000 USD, whichever comes first.

Why are tags important?  Tags are a way of categorizing and making content easily searchable.  As a rule of thumb, tag content with words or phrases you might use to search for it later. Over time, as users apply the same tags to various  types of content, it becomes easier to locate that content since it is  grouped into a category represented by the tag.  Now when you do, you'll also be helping Teachers Without Borders.  We'll track our daily progress here in the community and on Facebook , so you'll always know how we're doing.

Enable "Quick Tagging" today to make it easier than ever. Just following these steps:

1.  View your Profile

2.  Click "Edit Preferences" in the Actions menu

3.  On the General Preferences tab, it is the 3rd Option down

Let's continue to do what the Cisco Support Community does best—help others.




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