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Mar 29th, 2012
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This month we launched a new widget called, “Need help troubleshooting?”  This tool (Guide Me Troubleshooting- Beta) will ask you questions and depending on your response will either ask you more questions for clarification or guide you to a document that may provide a solution.


This widget is located at the top left hand side of all of our Small Business product support areas. Click on Guide Me Troubleshooting-Beta to start.


guide me 2a.jpg


This pop up screen will show up where you will ask your question.


guide me 3.jpg


Since this is beta, now is your opportunity to tell us what we can do to improve it.  Just click on feedback and suggestions:


guide me 2b.jpg


Try it out and hopefully you will find this tool helpful.


Before I forget, I would like to congratulate our February Small Business Spotlight Award recipient, Curtis Counsil.  Curtis’s helpfulness in the Small Business Security community made him stand out.


On April 1st, check back to the community to see who is our March Small Business Spotlight Award recipient.


If you have any questions or ideas on how to improve the Small Business Support Community, post a comment below this blog.  I will respond back either with another comment or private message.


Thank you for using the Small Business Support Community!



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