Call Home Profiles - Default and Custom


Fri, 09/14/2012 - 13:56
Sep 14th, 2012
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Every Call Home capable device has one built-in profile, CiscoTAC-1, which provides reasonable default values for Call Home's many options and makes Smart Call Home easy to configure and activate.

You have the option to disable the default profile and create one or more custom profiles.  Reasons to do this include:

  • Transport Gateway - On IOS based platforms it is possible to change the transport type but not the destination in the default profile.  You must create a custom profile to use a Transport Gateway on these devices.

  • Alert group subscription - Call Home makes it easy to customize the data that you send back to Cisco.  To do so, create a custom profile and specify your own alert-group subscriptions.  You can choose to exclude a group altogether, or adjust the coverage within the group either by severity or schedule.

  • Copy yourself - Some customers choose to send a notification directly to their inbox in addition to activating Smart Call Home.  With a custom profile, customers can choose to send more or less alerts than Smart Call Home does using the default profile. Customers can choose either the full-text format suitable for an email client or short-text format suitable for mobile devices.  Note that the resulting notifications will be missing the analysis and recommendations provided by Smart Call Home; that information is available in the Smart Call Home portal.  Also note that Smart  Call Home will accept XML formatted messages only, so please do not create a text based profile that forwards messages to Smart Call Home.

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