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Nov 27, 2012 10:17 AM
Nov 27th, 2012

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How will Data will impact your life and the world you will be inheriting? The Data Detectives initiative invites students ages 13-18 to answer questions, explore fascinating examples of how Data is changing their world, interact with real-time data and see how other students around the globe are impacted in similar and different ways. Early insights from the project will be unveiled at the second annual TEDYouth event on Saturday, November 17th in New York, where 400 high school students will gather for speaker sessions featuring 20 scientists, designers, technologists, explorers, artists, and performers. More than 100 parallel independently organized TEDxYouthDay events will take place in 42 countries around the world.

Data Detectives is a part of the Human Face of Big Data project. The Human Face of Big Data project is based on the premise that the real-time visualization of data collected by satellites, and by billions of sensors, RFID tags, and GPS-enabled cameras and smartphones around the world, is enabling humanity to sense, measure, understand and affect aspects of our existence in ways our ancestors could never have imagined.

Some people think Big Data is simply more information than can be stored on a personal computer. Others think of it as overlapping sets of data that reveal unseen patterns, helping us understand our world and ourselves in new ways.Still others think that our smart phones are turning each of us into human sensors and that our planet is developing a nervous system. Below, experience how Big Data is shaping your life. (see more)

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