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Cisco Support Community Marketing Manager at Cisco Live London


Fri, 04/04/2014 - 17:13
Feb 4th, 2013
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Attending Cisco Live in London was both very rewarding and educational. This was one of several Cisco Live events
I have attended but it was the first one I attended outside the United States. The event was at the ExCel conference
center in London located at the London Docklands, an international exhibition center, the perfect venue for an event
like Cisco Live! Our premier Cisco customer event was very well organized and attended by more than six thousand!
I am sure we will have detailed stats about the attendance very soon.

Coming from Europe myself I always find it exciting to meet and converse with people from all different nationalities
which is very common when you live in Europe and when you attend an event like Cisco Live!

Our Cisco Support Community was present at two different locations within the World of Solutions – one of our Pods
was at the Cisco Designated VIP booth within the Cisco Learning Services booth while the second one was within the
Smart Services booth.

Working on the show floor and meeting our customers and partners always keeps my adrenaline high and helps me
keep my enthusiasm going while talking about the Cisco Support Community which continues to grow as far as
registered users as well as all the programs we provide on the site.

During the entire event I worked at our booth within the Smart Services. I was able to meet a lot of customers face-to-face
and talk with them about their experience on the community. It was very exciting to hear first-hand what they had to say
about the community and get their direct feedback. Overall, the comments about the Cisco Support Community were very
positive. Many of our customers were eager to have me record their feedback on my small flip camera! I have met customers
who have been on the community for several years whose names I have seen over and over again in the discussion forums so
finally matching their names with their faces was very exciting! Some of the constructive feedback from our users I am taking
back to my team in the U.S. and as always we will do our best to integrate into the community.

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