Easier upgrades with IOS-XR


Fri, 07/12/2013 - 17:00
Jul 2nd, 2013
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You think that IOS-XR is difficult to upgrade? You bet! We feel the same, so we have some tools coming into play/place that will help in automating part of the release upgrade process.

It will make things significantly easier to upgrade from one release of XR to another.

Note however that we are making a lot of changings these days, as part of the longer term strategy to make XR easier to use and manage.

This means that with the image merging of P (RSP2/9001) vs PX (RSP440) in XR4.3 downgrades are not that easy on the RSP2 and 9001 since they expect -p images in releases prior to XR4.3

Another upcoming change in August is the prepackaging of the full XR release on the system, so you dont have to download all the pies manually. You only have to activate the preloaded pie's that you want to run.

We'll communicate more changes as we implement them.

For sure XR 4.3 brings a lot of these enhancements or usability improvements that we have collected over time.

Have more needs? Please do talk to your account team or post them as response to this discussion! We want to know about them and work on them!



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