Cisco ServiceGrid

Smart Service Integration in the Cloud

Cisco ServiceGrid™ is an integration platform in the cloud that seamlessly connects enterprise IT and service providers to enable automated multiparty service collaboration. This offers customers a secure and flexible way to integrate with everyone in the ecosystem and automate sharing of processes, data, and workflows in real time by eliminating manual practices and bottlenecks and promoting significant operational efficiencies that are scalable and reusable.

Instead of integrating with each member of the ecosystem one at a time, Cisco ServiceGrid integrates and automates service processes for everyone in the ecosystem only once. No one has to change their systems or processes or rekey data. This gives every organization the chance to use and keep its own processes that are optimized for the organization, instead of using the processes of the partner.

More details, like use cases at:

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ServiceGrid Insight

Providing support to employees and customers involves multiple sources working together. See in this video how automation and integration with Cisco ServiceGrid speeds up and simplifies the process.

Support Case Management - video >



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