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Cisco Modeling Labs 1.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of CML 1.2

Cisco Modeling Labs is a software package that enables network designers and architects to design Cisco-based networks and run simulations using virtual versions of selected Cisco operating systems.

This area has been designed for both system administrators who are responsible for setting up the Cisco Modeling Labs server and end users who will use the Cisco Modeling Labs client and server to design, build, visualize, and simulate network environments.  Current customer upgrade instructions.


Cisco Modeling Labs on TechWiseTV

Learn more about building and running your network simulations virtually. (22:45 min)


The Group

You'll find that we have many different sections available to you to visit in this community; discussion areas, places with documents and guides, "how to" videos, and other useful information.  The group is also visited on a regular basis by myself, David Martin, your Community Manager.

In addition to community support, members of the Learning@Cisco support teams for Cisco Modeling labs will stop by the group once per day.  Bear in mind that currently a number of our support staff are located in the Asia Pacific theatre, so there may be some time adjustments expected as to when you see them posting and answering question in the group.  You can find out more about the people you'll be interacting with here in the group by checking out our Biography Document to see some pictures and learn a little about them!

Also in the document sections you'll find the Acceptable Use document for the group.  First time here? Make sure to check it out to help you along before you post.

So take a look around, start some discussions, watch some of the initial videos, and welcome to the Cisco Modeling Labs Community!


The CML Team

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discussion Difference between C891F(C891F-K9) and C891FJ(C891FJ-K9)
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50 0 0 4 farcosre
discussion Practice network maps not labeled..?
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discussion where can download cisco modeling lab?
Last Reply 1 week 5 days ago.
506 0 0 2 farcosre
discussion How to create virtual lab for ASR9K or ASR1K?
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20 1 0 1 farcosre
discussion Packet Tracer Project
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discussion Octal cable config
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discussion vmdk file viewer for ubuntu
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0 0 0 2 Marie Killen
discussion forwarding rate, forwarding bandwidth, and switching bandwidth
Last Reply 2 months 3 days ago.
0 0 0 0 nejsha.arba
discussion Cisco Unified Communication
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discussion Sending tagged and untagged packets in Cisco switch
Last Reply 2 months 1 week ago.
0 0 0 1 Jonathan Unger
discussion Is it possible to test before purchase?
Last Reply 2 months 2 weeks ago.
28 0 0 6 cheffelf
discussion MPLS LDP Filtering on Cisco XRv
Last Reply 2 months 3 weeks ago.
0 0 0 0 erinc.mehmet.soylu
discussion Difference between login and login local
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0 0 0 1 Dennis Mink
Last Reply 3 months 2 days ago.
0 0 0 1 Philip D'Ath
discussion Does GNS3 can cover all the scenraios for ccnp lab best practice ?
Last Reply 3 months 3 days ago.
0 0 5 1 Philip D'Ath
discussion How factory reset MDS 9124 Fixed device
Last Reply 3 months 1 week ago.
1 0 0 0 moe891081
discussion AVAYA Definity ASAI Link Error: Unable to activate Post-Routing for any ASAI Link
Last Reply 3 months 3 weeks ago.
14 0 0 1 Abdullah RASHEED
discussion Problema de conexão
Last Reply 3 months 4 weeks ago.
13 0 5 1 Phyllip Serra
discussion ESXI 5.5 Unable to power on CML VM (deployed from OVF)
Last Reply 3 months 4 weeks ago.
29 0 0 2 Greg Dent
discussion CML compatibility with Checkpoint FW, Junipor, F5, Palo Alto FW,...
Last Reply 4 months 1 week ago.
5 0 0 0 AHMAD.BAYAT@INT...
discussion Can't Telnet to nodes (CML v1.2)
Last Reply 4 months 1 week ago.
7 0 0 0 Stephen Craven
discussion dhcp snooping not works in CPT 7.0 on Multilayer switch
Last Reply 4 months 2 weeks ago.
12 0 0 0 neyromantt1
discussion how many users can Cisco ASR 1001 Router handle?
Last Reply 4 months 2 weeks ago.
35 0 5 2 anoop verma


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