Small Business VIP and Spotlight Program

2015 Cisco Designated VIPs

Tom Watts

  Dan Lukes

2014 Cisco Designated VIPs

Tom Watts

  Dan Lukes

2013 Cisco Designated VIPs

  David Trad

  Tom Watts

2012 Cisco Designated VIPs

  David Trad

  Stephen DiStefano

2015 Spotlight Award Winners

Samir DarjiHoward Wittenberg June

Samir DarjiMatt Needs   May

Brandon Svec Brandon Svec  April

Samir Darji

Jerry Paul  March

Samir DarjiSamir Darji February

Michal BrunckoMichal Bruncko   January


2014 Spotlight Award Winners

Jody LemoineJody Lemoine   November

Jody LemoineAndrew Bucklin   May

Barbaro LopezBarbaro Lopez   February

Daniele GiordanoDaniele Giordano   January

2013 Spotlight Award Winners

Tilman Schmidt Tilman Schmidt    November

Howard WittenbergHoward Wittenberg   October

Brandon SvecBrandon Svec   September

Daniele GiordanoDaniele Giordano   August

Michael MuenzMichael Muenz   July

Samir DarjiSamir Darji   June

Shawn EftinkShawn Eftink   May

Dan PlacekDan Placek   April

Yasien AdamsYasien Adams   March

Dan LukesDan Lukes  Feb

Clayton SillClayton Sill   January

2012 Spotlight Award Winners

Brandon SvecDuane Donders   September

Michael MuenzAdam Crisp   July

Samir DarjiDavid Wagman   June

Shawn EftinkSimon Slater   May

Dan PlacekDan Placek   April

Daniele GiordanoDaniele Giordano   March

Dan LukesCurtis Counsil  Feb

Clayton SillMarcus Casimir   January

Community Spotlight Program for Small Business

The new Small Business Community Spotlight Awards program recognizes members whose significant contributions designate leadership and commitment to their peers within the Cisco Learning Network (CLN), Cisco Support Community (CSC), and the Cisco Developers Network (CDN). To thank individuals who help make our communities the premier online destination for Cisco customers, partners and employees, Community Spotlight recipients will be highlighted throughout the Small Business Support Community. Top contributors will be awarded based on high active, knowledgeable participation and will be handpicked by members of the Cisco SMB team starting in January 2012.

To learn more, visit: Community Spotlight

Cisco Designated VIP Program for Small Business

The Cisco Designated VIP program for Small Business recognizes the top individual contributors in Cisco's Small Business Support communities. Cisco Designated VIPs are recognized by their peers for their expertise and tireless contributions.

Information about the program: Cisco Designated VIP program

Information on how to become a Cisco Designated VIP:Cisco Designated VIP