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Latest News - May 2017

Recent Cisco Technical Support (CTS) Mobile Application Enhancements

Over the last several months, several improvements have been made to the Android and iOS clients including:

  • Significantly improved the speed and responsiveness of My Devices (app load times on average improved by 37%). With My Devices, you can manage your inventories, identify product lifecycle milestones, open cases and more! Watch the demo video (~7min) for a walk through of the utility and learn several tips along the way.
  • Enhancements to Cisco Service Request Search allows up to 1,000 SRs be displayed (prior limit 300 SRs). SR Search now detects SR#s and RMA#s within text strings to minimize number of observed user errors.
  • "My Notifications" stores the last 30 Days of Service Request, generic End of Life, PSIRT and Field Notice related notifications that have been sent to the CTS mobile application. Newly added filters and search allows you to refine your list of notifications, helping you locate important notifications. You can mark notifications read, or delete them entirely. 
  • Hundreds of mobile friendly Cisco Validated Designs have been added within the Product Information section. Categories with new Cisco Validated Designs, Videos and RSS Feeds content will be identified with a blue dot to the left of the menu item(s).
  • The Settings section includes several options for controlling the types of mobile push notifications, and new content, In-App notifications. Watch the demo video (~6min) for more details on how to personalize the notifications you receive.
  • Service Request Trending information (subscribe within "Settings") provides a "Top 5" list of most common Cisco Support Community references, Software Bugs and Error Messages related to your Service Requests.
  • The VCS Service Checker Utility is available under "Tools"
  • Several minor UI/UX improvements were implemented, because the little details matter.
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