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With the acquisition of Meraki in late 2012, Meraki became Cisco's primary cloud management solution for network infrastructure.

As a result of that, we made the very difficult decision to wind down OnPlus. A formal announcement will be made early next week, however, the OnPlus team wanted to provide you, the OnPlus users, an advance notice. 

In short, ON100 Network Agents will continue to be sold through distribution until August 2013, while the OnPlus Service portal will continue to be supported with the current SLA for over a year following, until the Fall of 2014.

Please note that there will be no impact at all to other Cisco products or services.

We at Cisco and the OnPlus team truly value your loyalty and dedication to OnPlus.  Since its launch it has been heartwarming to see so much support for our service, and we value that greatly.

We understand for many of you have started building a service around OnPlus, and that  our decision will impact your business. As we mentioned it was not an easy nor quick decision. However, we would be happy to discuss with you Meraki or other Cisco solutions can help grow your business.

Thank you,

The OnPlus Team

Please read our FAQ's for more information: https://supportforums.cisco.com/docs/DOC-32403

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