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Jan 30th, 2007

Hi - we have just installed 3 of the Aironet 1200 series access points in our warehouse to support a group of RF barcode scanning devices. It seems that, for now, we have no problem with the RF guns communicating with the access points, but we do not seem to get any connection to the back-end network. The access points are wired as follows: From the network hub, we have a short piece of Cat5 cable running to a power injector (Cisco Aironet AIR-PWRINJ3). From the power injector, we have a long run of Cat5 cable running out into our warehouse to the Aironet 1200. When we eliminate the long cable run and use a short Cat5 cable run from the power injector to the 1200, we can connect just fine to our back-end network and our application software. However, when we position the 1200 at the other end of the long cable runs, that back-end communication ends. Also, we can see the lights on the 1200, and all 3 lights flicker fast green when close connected, and that flickering slows way down (and sometimes one of the lights flashes amber) when connected at the other end of the long run. We suspect the cable and have our electrician coming in to check it out, but wanted to know if there was a cable-length limitation on the Cat5 cables in this kind of setup, both from the hub to the power injector, and from the injector to the Aironet, and if there is, is there some solution to the issue of our requiring some of the 1200's to be positioned far from the network hubs and servers? Please let me know. Thanks...

Ric LuBell ([email protected])

I have this problem too.
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a-vazquez Mon, 02/05/2007 - 11:08

The 100 meters has to do with the cat 5 limit, not the power supply limit, if the power supply is athe hub or switch. If there is 40 meters of cable (cat 5) between the hub or switch and the power injector, then the limit from the injector to the AP/BR is 60 meters.

jim_pliss Wed, 02/07/2007 - 06:10

You said long cable. How long is the run? What cable are you using? What is the environment is the Cable in?

richardlubell Thu, 02/08/2007 - 06:17

Some of the runs must have been 4-500 ft. Cat5 cable. We have, however, isolated the problem to be a cable wiring issue... the electrician switched some of the pairs!!! Wrong guy for the job, I guess. Cisco says 300ft max, but once we fixed the ends we got even the most distant one working. Guess the product outreaches its specs.

Thanks for the reply


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