B3 errors

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Jan 30th, 2007

The network details are:

10 SDH 15454 nodes, SW 7.0, STM-16, SNCP Ring.

One node connected to LAN, and BITS1 and the rest via RS-DCC and line timing.

Created a STM-16 circuit from node with BITS clock that goes thru all other nodes and terminates back on source node.

Test set connected and configured with recovered timing and SDH VC4-16C signal to source STM-16 LR card. Destination STM-16 LR has a fiber loopback(w/10dB attenuator).

On some days Test set shows tx/Rx SDH signal error free (have seen 2 days running error free). Repeating same test again, get B3 errors ( 1 to 10 per day, or 1 each 5 minutes).

Then again 1 to 2 days error free!!!

Any idea what could be causing this other than fiber (All fiber including connectors on the STM-16 cardS are clean).

Can bad or improper grounding of nodes cause B3 errors in this form?

Any suggestions?

I have this problem too.
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