With National ISDN 1 at least I see the switch responding ?occasionally? bu

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Jan 31st, 2007

This is email I received from a network eng.

Tony please call Verizon and verify what switch type we are connecting to. I have tried National ISDN 1, DMS100, and 5ESS without any positive results. With National ISDN 1 at least I see the switch responding ?occasionally? but don?t have my ISDN debug sheets here with me to try and see what it?s trying to tell us. As you can see it does not respond everytime. You can see we transmit a request it appears to assign and endpoint then sends a UAF?. Not sure what that is.

Once you find out from Verizon what switch type you may want to open a ticket with Cisco and send them this info along with whatever else they ask for. I am not sure if the signal is just too weak for our router considering they hop through 5 patch panels to get to us.

Akram ask Jim Elmore what he thinks about going forward with only one ISDN? We have replaced the whole router and the WIC card. Not sure what else we can do. Want to also wait to see what Tony can learn from Cisco.

The following is the q921 log

I have this problem too.
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