pbr and glbp

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Jan 31st, 2007

Currently I have 1 router that performs pbr to send http,https traffic thru a bsd captive portal and all other traffic out a different gateway. I will be getting 2 Cisco 3745 routers soon (they are being replaced by 3845s) and would like to replace the single router with the pair of 3745s running glbp host-dependant. I would also like to send traffic from the 1st glbp router to one captive portal and send traffic from the 2nd glbp router to another captive portal. I would also like to have the router/portals be fault tolerant - if the router and/or portal svr fail, traffic gets sent to the working pair. My 1st thought was to use sla policies with an icmp check against the portals from each router

rtr1 sla 1 pings portal1

rtr2 sla 2 pings portal2

policies will switch over if they fail.

Just wanted to get some input on it,


I have this problem too.
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