how to recover pasword and user name on pix 501

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Jan 31st, 2007

hi have a poroblem i try to recover my user name and passeword on my pix 501 but the procedure include in pdf not work i effect this.the first part of prcedure work properly byt the file for rest not send in pix .i precise i have no gateway just pc and pix and my pix adresse is in dhcp and if its possible explain at my for not use com port

thanks per advence for your answer

I have this problem too.
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KANielsen1 Wed, 02/07/2007 - 08:45

I am having a similar problem getting the above referenced Doc. to work. Here are the details of what my issue is.

I'm trying to reset the passwords in a 506E v6.3. I'm having problems setting it up and hope you can steer me in the right direction. Here is the setup.

Ethernet 1 port = (which I can ping from Windows)

I have a TFTP Server program running on my laptop (

I have the laptop connected to the console port of the PIX (and have a good connection)

I have the laptop & PIX connected to a network switch

Per Doc #8529 I've connected to the PIX and have gotten monitor> prompt. These are the commands I typed:

interface 1



file np63.bin

I didn't use the gateway command

I can't ping from monitor mode. (success rate is 0)

Can you see what I might be doing wrong or point me in the right direction to be able to ping the TFTP server?

Thanks for your help.


jain.nitin Sun, 02/11/2007 - 05:08

I suggest u to install TFTP server on ur Laptop & directly connect ur laptop to PIX firewall & then try.

Hope it will work. Use Cross over cable to connect ur laptop to PIX firewall.


KANielsen1 Sun, 02/11/2007 - 09:37


Thank you, this helped. I thought I should go in this direction but was still having problems. Ended up being an issue w/my USB/Serial converter cable.

spahlavan Tue, 04/03/2007 - 07:01

I have a similar problem with my PIX 501 firewall. I don't know what the IP address for inside and outside interfaces are.

Any chance somebody could tell my how to recover (reset) the password.

Basically I connected the Ethernet0 port of my PIX to a switch and connected my laptop to the same switch.

I have connected my laptop with the console cable and am able to get to the monitor mode. But as the above document describes I need to type interface 0 and then address of the inside interface. The problem is that I don't know the address of the inside interface. There is no way I can assign a new IP address to the inside interface at this point, is there?

Thank you for your assistance, in advance.


David White Tue, 04/03/2007 - 19:39

Interface 0 by deafult is the outside interface, not the inside.

Monitor mode defaults to interface 1 (typically inside).

In Monitor mode (where you must be do perform the password recovery) it does not know about the existing configuration on your PIX. So, when you type the:


command that in effect is assigning an address to the interface you specify. Don't worry, this is only temporary, and only exists for the time that you are in monitor mode. Once you reboot (after the password recovery) that IP is no more.

So, follow the doc and you will be fine.



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