Link shows solid red in topology services even after it is up

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Jan 31st, 2007


I am facing a problem in Topology services which is as below:-

I have a managed 2950 switch connected to a 6509e. I can see all devices & links properly in topology services. For testing purposes i connected another 2950 (which is also managed) to existing 2950 via a cross over cable as trunk, configured for SNMP,cdp etc. Now this device can be seen throuh chassis view and topology services.If i power it off the icon becomes red & when powered on it becomes green within 1.5 minutes. But the problrm is that the link connecting the two 2950's stays solid red (even when powerd on). I manually ran a device discovery once again and still the problem persists. Both the devices can see each other via cdp, ping etc. when i did a path analysis layer 3 is successful but layer 2 is shown as failure.

How can this be? The devices are directly connected (nothing in between).I use LMS 2.6

Pls give some ways to overcome this.

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I have this problem too.
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miheg Wed, 01/31/2007 - 23:51

Since we cannot see the objects the Campus database holds on the devices the best option is to delete the link, select the 2 devices and run a data collection for these 2 devices.



Sonugnair_2 Mon, 02/05/2007 - 10:50


In "Schedule data collection" I checked & set the "Poll periodically at these intervals" to 4 minutes, so that if any device is down it can be detected within this timeframe. But this is not the case & it takes hours for the icons to change colour. [ Full device discovery & data collection happens once a day ]. Only when i do a data collection manually does the changes get upadtes[ color changing from red to green or vice versa ]. I need the changes to be updated dynamically & as soon as it happens. I am totally at a loss since all settings appear to be correct.Can someone explain please, as i am stuck on this issue!.

Regards & Thanks


miheg Mon, 02/05/2007 - 22:47

Ciscoworks Campus Manager was not designed to do any realtime monitoring. DFM is the only realtime component in Ciscoworks.

I believe to get the best results from Campus you should lower the "Poll Interval" in the "Data Collection Schedule". It is by default every 2 hours.

This only checks the existing devices and interfaces.

I also feel it can't be a big deal to take the events from RME's syslog and DFM, and to have these events change the color of a device in Campus. I spoken to several people at cisco about this and they agree but I don't see anything moving there.

I guess the focus is on other projects that could bring in more money.




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