Monitoring Redundant MAN Fibre Link if Connectin Router Managed by Provider

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Feb 5th, 2007

How is the best way to monitor a specific site-site redundant links connectivity when the connecting router is fully managed by the service provider?.. meaning you get no access to SNMP..

Been a redundant link ping tests are of little use because if that links down it will just route through the backup one..

Currently we're using traceroutes (via our netmonitoring system) and monitoring if the hop count changes.. indicating that it's taking a different path from normal... but this is less than perfect.. been that the change in hops could be caused by a routing issue.. and not a link failure..

I know I'm kinda been pedantic.. but I like a network alert to give me a reasonably definitive notification that the specified link is down so we can contact the service provider immediately.. rather than having to check routing tables to confirm that the problem isn't on our end..

I'd been toying with ideas of a specific separate static route for monitoring said link... but the more I think about it the less I like it..

Anybody got any better solutions?

I have this problem too.
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