routing decision based on tracking other interface status

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Feb 5th, 2007

hello everyone,

the network scenario is as follow

Internet Edge router--E0--Router 28XX --E0--ATM Router 38XX --fiber pvc--ISP.

i wanted to divert my default route (internet traffic) to the ISP.

The default routes has been added in internet edge router pointing towards the 28XX and in 28XX towards 38XX ATM router.

The connection between 28XX and 38XX is Ethernet connection which will never goes down so my 28XX router will always through the packets towards 38XX.

What i wanted is that whenever the ATM PVC goes down, my 28XX should divert the traffic to the next lower metric route which is my redundant path to the ISP.

end result should be - 28XX should use secondary path to ISP when primary is down eventhough it has been not connected to the ISP. (should track the ISP ATM PVC to take decision for secondary route).

Any suggesion with config examples will be highly appreciated.



I have this problem too.
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John Patrick Lopez Mon, 02/05/2007 - 23:49

why don't you try to use BGP? Do you have your own AS number?

Sorry I really can't picture the design of your network. So you have an ISP on the right side after the ATM router and you also have an ISP on the left side?

aryan1980 Tue, 02/06/2007 - 01:29

hi john,

first i'hv only single ISP.

to be very short i hv internet router 28XX, on which my existing link to ISP is connected via MW link.

Newly we got Fiber connectivity to our ISP,

but it is on other router which is 38XX.

Now i want both this should work as primary via fiber and secondary via MW.

The problem is eventhough my fiber goes down, my connecting interface between 28XX and 38XX will always be up so always the traffic will through to 38XX and not on the MW interface(secondary link to ISP).

i hope this will clear the picture.

Any solution to track the Fiber Link between 38XX and ISP via 28XX(eventhough it has been not connected to ISP)to send traffic either on primary or on secondary.




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