about unity express license problem(urgent)

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rob.huffman Tue, 02/06/2007 - 06:25

Hi Alan,

These licensing questions are always tricky, and your best bet would probably be to contact your SE or [email protected]

I am pretty sure the license file can be changed (probably a co$t involved).

That being said, here is some info on CUE Licensing downloads etc;

Separate license files exist for Cisco Unity Express used with Cisco CME (the license files that contain cme in the name) and Cisco Unity Express used with Cisco CallManager (the license files that contain ccm in the name).


If your system is already configured, you cannot change the license type from Cisco Unified CallManager to Cisco Unified CallManager Express. To make that change, you must reinstall and reconfigure the system. The data cannot be restored.

However, you can change the license type prior to running the initialization wizard.

From this doc;


Downloading the License Files

After ordering the appropriate license SKU, download the corresponding license file and installer file.


IP address or name of the FTP server that will store the Cisco Unity Express applications.

Verify that the FTP server is accessible.


1. Log in and go to the Cisco Unity Express page on the Cisco Software Center website.

2. Download the appropriate license file.

3. Copy the file to the FTP server.



Step 1 Log in and go to the Cisco Unity Express page on the Cisco Software Center website at: http://www.cisco.com/public/sw-center/sw-voice.shtml.

Step 2 Download the appropriate license files

Step 3 Copy the file to the FTP server.

What to Do Next

Save the current configuration. After that is complete, install the new license file.


Hope this helps!



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