Network Assistant 5.0 discovery wrong, 4.1 was ok

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I have the same problem.

For me it seems so that this happens only if you use port-channels. But maybe it only occures on some special configuration like I have.

I use port-channels, where on one side is one single switch and on the other side is a stack of two switches and the two connections the channel consits of end up on different switches of this stack.

Can you confirm that?

CNA 4.1 detected this perfectly, but isn't capable to expand the stack.

CNA 5.0 only sees the connection if the other switches are not part of the community. But 5.0 can expand the stack.

I do use port channels on the switch that isn't connected, but not in the connection.

Physically it should go:

Coreswitch Gi11---Switch C Gi2, Switch C Gi1---Switch D Gi1

The core switch has port-channels on Gi6&7 I think.

Only the second of those is (was) showing.

I deleted the comminty, and re-created it, and now none of the links are showing!


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