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Feb 8th, 2007
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In a CM 5.0 cluster, which servers should have AXL services turned on ?

I have a clustering over wan setup, Pub/Sub1 at Site1 and Sub2/Sub3 at Site2. I have IPCC 4.5 at Site2 as well. IPCC integrates via JTAPI to Sub2, Sub3, but also requries AXL integration with the cluster. Should i enable AXL only on Publisher and specify AXL service provider as Publisher or should i enable AXL on all Callmanagers and specify them all in the IPCC integration (server setup).

Are there issues with AXL integration from IPCC to Publsher when they are not on the same site ?

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msolak Mon, 02/12/2007 - 13:57
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ccm serviceability guide says you should activate the axl service on the first node. For my understanding the first node is publisher.

From the serviceability guide:

Activate on the first node only. Failing to activate this service causes the inability to update Cisco CallManager from AVVID client-based applications that use AXL.


Do you have experiences how many axl queries we can configure on the ccm axl layer?

Cisco Database Layer Monitor service parameter

"MaxAXLWritesPerMinute" is set default to 20, but we can change this to 999. But Cisco recommends to set a maximum value of 60.

What can be a realistic value?



thisisshanky Mon, 02/12/2007 - 16:52
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I already found that information. Thanks for the info though.


p-kitaka Fri, 04/25/2008 - 20:14
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Hi Sankar,

If the AXL service is activated on the first node only, are uccx agents and appadmin logins successful when the first node is down?

we had to activate the AXL service a pub & sub to allow logins when either node is unavailable.

Running CM6.0 & CCX 5.0.1.

AD2003 LDAP Sync & authentication


Aaron Harrison Sat, 04/26/2008 - 03:33
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Hi Sankar

The AXL service lets you do two things - write things to the CM DB, and read them out.

Obviously you can only write for the most part when the Publisher is available; hence the recommendation that it is enabled on that server.

IPCC previously got user info and authenticated using LDAP on the CM servers (DCD), but since there is no DCD any more, AXL is used to read information about users, obtain MAC addresses of phones for monitoring etc.

So whilst you would want your first AXL server to be the publisher, I always have at least one more AXL service available as a backup - similar to the way that in <4.5 IPCC versions you would add the Publisher first in the LDAP list and any subscribers second.

Not official, but that's how I do it.




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