Can you set two different NAT's for 1 internal IP depending on destination

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Feb 9th, 2007

ASA 5520

Here is my situation, I have an internal FTP server that is NAT'd to address a.b.c.d for purposes of recieving FTP's from the outside world via a DNS entry for our domain. That same server I need to FTP out to a vendors site, here is the catch, our vendor will only look for one IP address and we have multiple servers that connect to them, all the rest are using our deafault outgoing address of w.x.y.z, is there a way to have this server NAT to w.x.y.z when connection to our vendors IP but NAT to a.b.c.d for all other conections ?

I have this problem too.
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zulqurnain Fri, 02/09/2007 - 12:11


sure it's pretty easily possible

//to allow traffic using acl)

access-list vendorone permit tcp host abcd host xxxx eq 21

access-list vendortwo permit tcp host wxyz host yyyy eq 21

//to nat

nat (inside) 10 access-list vendorone

nat (inside) 20 access-list vendortwo

//to specific which ip to nat

global (outside) 10

global (outside) 20

or you can directly nat

nat (inside) 10 >ip you want to nat<

global (outside) 10 >ip you want to be natted to<



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