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I currently have a T3 connecting two sites that is quite costly. Most of the time bandwidth is around 2-3 MB (the equivalent of 2 T1 circuits. There are peaks to 14MB. I am a little confused in reading about the maximum number of paths I can use. If I use 2811 routers at each end then I could support 4 T1 paths. Can I put dual T1 HWICs and support 6 T1 paths by using max-paths 6? Can I support 8? I don't think I can do 8 because several sources in my research said the limit with EIGRP was only 6. Other articles indicate I could do 32 parrallel paths although it couldn't be a 2811. I also don't want to get burned thinking I can use all the ports just because they are there. I ran into that when I thought I had open capacity on an 8 port T1 card in a 7204. In that case it turned out to be a case of mutiple circuits totaling 8 was okay but only if some were fractional. Could I add another pair of 2811 routers?

I have this problem too.
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