Can CCM5.0 support auto registeration for IP Communicator?

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CCM 5.0 w/ IP Communicator 2.0;

Tried to have those IPCs be auto-registerated to CallManager, however we get the error message of" Registeration Rejected: Error DBConfig". While physical IP Phones (7940/7960) auto-registeration has no problem.

Also, on CCM 5.0 if we manually add IP Communicator, it asks you to enter "Device name" instead of the MAC address as in CCM4.x; So I have to add "SEP" in ahead of the MAC address on "Device name" entry, then it can successfully regitered to callmanager 5.0.

Is this the reason why IP Communication can not be auto-registered or it is a bug, or I missed something?



I have this problem too.
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thisisshanky Tue, 02/13/2007 - 11:45

JJ, You have to setup CIPC with a SEP in the device name field when you manually add it.

I am running 5.1 and i am able to auto register CIPC with out any issues. Not sure if its a bug in 5.0, try setting the register with device name option under CIPC and put the SEP in front of it.



Thanks for your information.

Just wondering after CCM 5.0, why it changed to a device name instead of the MAC address? Is there any specific reason or configuration change?

The reason why I am asking for this, on CCM5.x, is it possible to register IP Communicator with CCM5.x using any device name somehower related to the userID? And from one document I read there is something new feature to add the userID on IP Communicator configuration. What's usful? But now I could not find it.

Any idea?




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