851 router NAT setting problem

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Feb 13th, 2007

I configured some NAT port forwarding through SDM(as a newbie) but none of them worked for me. For example, I have a web server behind the router, so I setup a IP forwarding from my external static IP to the web server's internal IP 192.168.1.xxx through port 80, but after that when I type in the web server's domain name xxxx.com, it will forward me to the router SDM Express remote login site. Same thing happens for https through port 443.

Anybody can give me any instruction?

Many thanks!

I have this problem too.
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Posting your config would be helpful.

Without that, my first thought is that you need to tell asdm where to listen. You do this by modifying what interfaces the internal http server listens on. The command is 'http inside', with your subnet listed of course. Make sure that statement doesn't say "outside" or your router is listening for http requests to its external ip address.

If this is a needed functionality, you would probably have to provision another static ip address that's not your router's external interface, that way the router won't think the http packet is for it.


biologixlee Thu, 02/15/2007 - 06:44

Thank you, David!

This may be the problem. "modifying what interfaces the internal http server listens on"

However, I'm not formaliar of commend lines at all, is there anywhere in the SDM or SDM Express can let me do the same config?


The only place I use the gui on Cisco gear is on an ASA5520 for use as a vpn concentrator. I use ASDM 5.2 so it may be different.

In mine, I go to 'Configuration', Properties, Device Access, HTTPS/ASDM. This is where I can see where the access is allowed.

From a cli standpoint, if you can telnet/ssh to the router, do the following:

sh run | inc http

It will come back with any lines that contain http in it. You can then see if it's in there. So if you had a line that said 'http outside', you would just enter the command 'no http outside'.

Let me know if it helps.


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