Difference b/w stub in OSPF and EIGRP

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Feb 14th, 2007

Hi Guys,

Please mention what are the differences in comparison with OSPF stub and EIGRP stub w.r.t routes

I have this problem too.
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rawatmohinder Wed, 02/14/2007 - 02:54

HI Vinod,

OSPF stub routers are little different than eigrp stub routers.

IN OSPF stub routing you will block the LSA 4,5,6 and 7 in stub routers but in EIGRP there is no conecpt of LSA,s.

IN EIGRP normally we use the concept of stub routing in hub and spoke technology.

WE will configure the spoke routers as the stub routers. When we will configure the spoke routers as stub routers they will send the packets to the neighbors telling that they are configured as aa stub routers.

SO when the neighbors will get the information they will not send any query to the stub routers. it will save the bandwidth.

Hub routers will send a default route to the spoke roters to reach the hub routers.

Command to configure stub routing:-

#EIGRP stub

There are follwing switches to the command.

1.)receive-only :- stub routers will only receive the data.

2.)connected :- stub routers will send the connected routes.

3.) static:- stub router will send the static route information to hub routers.

4.) summary:- stub router will send the summary routes.

By default the configuration enabled is connected and summary.

Hope you liked my explanarion.

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