DiRT Restore Errors

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Feb 15th, 2007

I am upgrading my hardware on my unity server and using DiRT

to do a backup (on old server) and a restore (on new server). When the restore

is running I recieve multiple (About 1700) of the following error:

(error) Monitor failed creating object in directory; object not synched

-2146758654 <Username> -2147016694

After the restore is complete, only 500 of my 2300 mailboxes/users were


I am running Unity 4.2(1) and using dirt 1.1(18).

I am restoring to the same version of unity, different domain name, diferent

server name different exchange orginization name.

Has anyone see this?



I have this problem too.
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fmarottactg Thu, 02/15/2007 - 13:13

Yes, I am restoring to a new Unity VMO server on different hardware. Prior to the restore the Unity is fully functioning (Permissions & ALL).

lindborg Thu, 02/15/2007 - 15:12

The error indicated above is most definitely a permissions issue, no doubt about it. Either the user was found in the directory and the services account you have configured does not have rights to update the object or the folder the user was attempted to be created in does not have rights. There are few other possibilities and none of them related to DiRT. DiRT simply preps the SQL database and then calls the SQLSyncSvr service to take care of the user sync. this is the same service used to import and create all objects in AD. So if you're getting that error, that account is having a problem with the object/location involved - or there's a conflict with object types somewhere in AD or the like.

Check the SQLSyncSvr log in the \commserver\logs\ folder and see if it gives you some clues - you'll see it searching for objects and finding them and/or not finding them and attempting a new create.

Try manually importing a user that failed for instance - or on your new install try creating a new user/DL in question via the SA (it will use the same service) and see if you also get an error. Invariably it turns out to be an issue importing users from a folder that was not included in the permissions wizard run or the like. I've see that many, many times...

fmarottactg Fri, 02/16/2007 - 12:31

Problem Fixed!!!!!!!!

The old unity server was once integrated to octel using unity bridge. Even though the bridge is no longer in use, the DiRT restore was trying to restore data that need the schema to be extended for unity bridge.


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