bundle of etherchanels

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Jon Marshall Thu, 02/15/2007 - 10:12

Hi Ali

Do you mean can you put all 4 links into one Etherchannel bundle ?

As far as i can see yes you should be able to. An etherchannel will form if all the ports have the same speed capabilities so if they are all gigabit capable i would think it would work.

You might not want to do this though as etherchannel load-balances across its links. 3 of your links are gigabit but the other one is 300Mbps.

How are you restricting the traffic on the 4th link to be 300Mbps ?


Jon Marshall Fri, 02/16/2007 - 07:05

Hi Ali

Yes the etherchannel should form as all the switch sees are 4 gigabit connections. As long as you have checked the guidelines and restrictions and all the ports have the same capabilities i see no reason why it won't work.



mahmoodmkl Sun, 02/18/2007 - 00:55

HI Sayeed,

I didnt get what do u mean by 300M.can u explain.If u want to have etherchannel u need to have all the ports in the same switch and they should have same configurations.




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