4506 w/ SupII+ can't see other VLANs

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Feb 19th, 2007

Setting up a 4506 w/SupII+. I have given int Vlan1 an IP address, and have added a default gateway in the same subnet as the IP address. I can assign any of the discovered vlans to any port on the switch and those devices grab a DHCP IP and can talk across the network.

What I can't do is save a config to my TFTP server in VLan10 or ping any devices outside of VLAN1.

If I create specific interface VLan##, with an IP address, then that subnet works fine.

Should I have to create all these separate int VLANs with unique addresses?

Should the trunking protocol route all via the management vlan back to my "core" which has all these VLANs set up?

I have this problem too.
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Jon Marshall Mon, 02/19/2007 - 10:52


From your description it sounds like your 4506 is acting as a layer 2 switch. If so, and Vlan 1 is your management vlan then you should not have to create any additional vlan interfaces on your 4500 switch.

If you have a layer 2 trunk to the core you should be able to switch from your 4500 and route from the core.

Have you setup a vlan 1 interface on your core switches and is this the interface you have set as the default gateway on your 4500 ?

The trunking protocol does not route all traffic via the management interface. Any traffic from user vlans on your 4500 are switched across the trunk link to your core where they are then routed.

As for your 4500 think of it like a client in terms of IP addressing. It has an IP address and it switches it's traffic down the trunk link to the core where it is routed.

If this doesn't help could you send copies of the 4500 config and your core switches.

Hope this makes sense


glen.grant Mon, 02/19/2007 - 15:02

Sounds like everything is trunked back to your core which is doing the routing . On the core box is there a "int vlan 1 " address defined , if so is that the address you are using for your 4506 default gateway ? Also is vlan 1 allowed across that trunk ? you should not create all those vlans on the 4506 . Verify the trunk is working correctly , "show int trunk" on both sides of the link and verify vlan 1 is allowed across the trunk on both sides .


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