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Feb 19th, 2007


We have got two datacenters and each datacenter has got dual core and dual distribution switches.

All four(2+2) switches are interconnected with L2 trunk and having same vlan info across all distribution switches.

HSRP is configured between all 4 distribution for each vlan.

Each distribution switch has got L3 interconnect with core switch in the same datacenter.

Now both the datacenter switches are in same OSPF area and we are in the process of putting into two diffrent area.

my question is can we put distribution swithes in datacenter A in area 1 and datacenter B distribution swithes in area 2 and all core uplink interfaces in area 0?



I have this problem too.
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sachinraja Mon, 02/19/2007 - 19:40

Hello Rajesh,

I would look at putting all the networks in area 0 , unless there are any specific constraints of splitting areas.. It also depends on your whole topology, as such and where else, other than these 4 switches are u going to run OSPF.. This will make it simple and straight forward. why exactly do you want to run OSPF here ? is it required ?

one thing i could not understand here is your L2 trunk. Which switches are u connected with L2 trunks ? between the datacenters ? If the L3 terminates on the distribution switch (since you have another L3 to the core), what is the use of having L2 between the datacenters, since the VLAN information is not transparent when you consider L3 trunks !!!!


rajeshk200_2 Tue, 02/20/2007 - 01:57


I have just given only datacenter setup , in addition we have another 6 builings which is also in the same area 0.

The reason for OSPF area split up have scalable network for the future expansion.

The reason for having L2 link across the distribution switches is something mandated by server setup as we have to have heartbeat connection between servers and should be on the same VLAN based across two datacenters.




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