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Feb 19th, 2007

Hi everybody

I am surprised to see that the Blue Print for the beta R&S exam (v3.0) is more detailed than the current version.

I am wondering why Cisco doesn't publish a curriculum or detailed blue print so you know what you need to learn.

I am reading the CCIE Routing and Switching Official Exam Certification Guide Second Edition. So it's official ...

I am reading the switching topics and I am totally unhappy whith what I can find there. I agree, you can not find or include everything in one book but at least what knowledge is required should be clearly stated.

Does anybody know where I can find such an extensive/detailed description of the curriculum ?

thank you


I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by didesai about 9 years 7 months ago

It is true that any minute detail listed on the R&S Blueprint is fair game. I don't know of how much detail you are looking for, but the link below has a little bit more detail than the Cisco Site.

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tperrier Tue, 02/20/2007 - 01:19

IMHO, think of it this way: you need to know all (that's possible to do with Cisco equipment) about each topic in the blueprint, so why make it longer by detailing more?

cristip Tue, 02/20/2007 - 04:28

This works when it comes to the lab exam.

But when it comes to theory ...have a look at the QoS and Security... This chapters are huge and they could be a CCIE exam by themselves.

For instance I couldn't find a decent answer to this question:

tperrier Tue, 02/20/2007 - 05:36

>have a look at the QoS and Security... This chapters are huge and they could be a CCIE exam by themselves.

Not a whole CCIE exam, but a whole professional (in Cisco cert parlance) level exam. For instance, in order to become CCIP, you need to pass the QOS exam. Everything you could find in this exam, you could have asked in the CCIE written too. And more! Because stuff like "legacy QOS" (i.e. not using MQC: CAR, PQ, CQ) isn't in the QOS exam, but can be in the CCIE written 2.0 (apparently that was removed in the 3.0, but if you intend to try the lab, you'd better not forget to have a look at them too!).

cristip Tue, 02/20/2007 - 06:05

Can you please have a look at my question above ? I WANT to learn..but I want to be told where I can find the matters I have to learn.

What would cost them to give us a more detailed exam ?

ellis_b Tue, 02/20/2007 - 23:25

If you are looking for additional books then I can recommend the following:

Internet Routing Architectures; Halabi

CCIE Prof. Development Routing TCP/IP Volume I & II; Doyle

ccbootcamp R&S written book (; Ellis (Me!)

CCIE Cisco CCIE Fundamentals: Network Design and Case Studies

Enhanced IP Services for Cisco Networks; Lee

Cisco Router OSPF Design & Implementation Guide; Parkhurst

Cisco LAN Switching (CCIE Professional Development)

vsoulier2 Wed, 02/21/2007 - 03:38

You are right Cristip, i'd like to have a more detailed blueprint exam so that i know exaclty what i can expect from the exam. And it does not prevent me for studying topics that are not in the CCIE exam for my day-to-day work either.

In the beta exam, we have GLBP and VRRP, but on the curremt exam, it says nothing just "adressing". The trick i think is to look at the official study guide which mentions only HRSP.

As far as i'm concerned, i will wait for the new written exam which will conform to the blueprint v3.0 because this blueprint clearly says what we need to know.

cristip Wed, 02/21/2007 - 04:30

Do you know when the beta exam will become efective ?

ellis_b Wed, 02/21/2007 - 16:04

The beta exam is over. In terms of when the new material will be added, it has not yet been announced. I wouldn't be too concerned with the new format as it looks pretty similar to the current format with the exception of wireless being removed and being replaced by the following:

MPLS (New)

Label Switching Router (LSR)

Label Switched Path (LSP)

Route Descriptor

Label Format

Label imposition/disposition

Label Distribution

IPv6 (New)

IPv6 Addressing and types

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery

Basic IPv6 functionality protocols

IPv6 Multicast and related Multicast protocols

Tunneling Techniques



cristip Thu, 02/22/2007 - 17:00

This is good enough.

I am positive that in orede to make sure you pass the exam you may need to know a little bit more.

What is making me ask for more is, for instanc, a situation like this. I am reading about MST. The blueprint says nothing. Just Switching. "The official" study guide says a little about it but nothing about the details below mentioned.

Multiple Spanning-Tree Protocol

Root Election

Path Selection

I don't understand why it is so difficult to write a detailed description of the topics and to let the people know about it.

To me MST looks important and I do not understand why an so called official whatever makes me waste the money just to need to read the Cisco's site or the IEEE standards later in order to have a clear understanding of the subject.

I have come to the conlcusion that it easier to read the esential part of the standards(they do have sections where the whole ideea is celarly described) instead of buying 10 books and try to put them toghether in order to understand the topic you are studying.

tperrier Fri, 02/23/2007 - 10:41

But the standards obviously don't mention Cisco's implementation and commands, so you can't rely only on them.

As for why the CiscoPress official cert guide isn't more complete, I think it's just because it's already 1100 pages long and they couldn't afford to make it longer, so they had to make choices. What it does cover it covers well, clearly and concisely, except for the myriad of mistakes and typos, unfortunately...

cristip Fri, 02/23/2007 - 11:07

I will see the other chapters but so far I am not happy at all.

I would be glad to read "an official guid in 5 complete volumes" instead 10 books by ten authors.

Of course I read the standards just for what is standard. I firstly look at If I can't understand the topic reading that I am going to standards and well known books.


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