DLSw and Etherswitch Module

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Feb 20th, 2007

Hi again guys, I'm trying to use an etherswitch on a 2811. I was using an external switch with SNA hosts and IP hosts mixed, and everything worked. Now that I'm migrating to this etherswitch card, I tried to use the same configuration I was using on the ethernet that goes to the switch:

interface FastEthernet0/0

description Lan Local

ip address

ip access-group 180 in

ip helper-address

duplex half

speed auto

no cdp enable

bridge-group 1

In the interface vlan I'm creating for the etherswitch. The thing is, if I use the "bridge-group 1" command, the IP host can't ping their GW (the vlan interface). But I need that command so DLSw can work:

dlsw local-peer peer-id

dlsw remote-peer 0 tcp

dlsw bridge-group 1

What can I do? Cisco documentation says that DLSw IS compatible with etherswitch.

I was thinking about using 2 int vlans, one with an IP address configured (GW for IP hosts), and another int vlan for the SNA hosts, (without ip address configured but with the "bridge-group 1" configured)

Then I just connect the SNA hosts to one of the vlans and the ip host to the other vlan. Do you think there is another way to make this work?

thanks in advance

I have this problem too.
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