I need help Cisco 2600

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(i can?t speak english...)

I have the Cisco 2600 with a ISDN and a Analog Modul

A PC what have a ISDN Card i can connect to the Router an work in my Network.

With a PC what have a 56K Modem or a 28k Modem i can connect but not work. Everytime.. 1 / 2 Minutes i get a disconnect (No Massage)

I Have try to set the IDL Time higher.. and i have set the connecttime high.


I configurate the Router four Days now.. and now.. i give it up..

Pleas help me..

----------- the Config ----------

(I have the IP?s what have the same number marked with a "X" "Y" "Z"

I hope everybody can help me !! I want go back to my famely !!

I have this problem too.
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Richard Burts Thu, 02/22/2007 - 04:40


I have looked at the config that you posted and I believe that the problem is that there is not a dialer-group for the async interface to identify interesting traffic. With no interesting traffic the idle timer will run out and terminate the call. I suggest that you add dialer-group 1 under the async interface. Try it and let us know if it helps.




thanks for your help.

my english is realy terrible.. :-)

pleas show my new config.

Than i have a connection txt where you can see that i can connect.

but i belive that (so i have see it by connect with ISDN) the call from my Client PC get no route to my network here. (peer)

I call the router with a 9,6 Kb Modem (Mobilephone) but i think that is not the problem. It have to worke!

Now i am 12 h here and i will crazy!! :-)

Thanks for Help


Richard Burts Thu, 02/22/2007 - 08:48


Could you post the output of route print from the PC when it is dialed in?



Hey Rick,

i have no print when it is dialed in! But i have chang the text.. but i m not to 100 % sure!

I will drive to the other PC now and will be back in the next time!

Only for you :-) no..

my last hope your are

I hope the call with the ISDN PC will help us. But i m not sure that the ISDN Canal is free! But i try!!

Thanks so much



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