Data T-1 VWIC-MFT Configurations

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I am doing a T-1 migration between two sites using Cisco 3825 routers and VWIC-2MFT modules with the integrated

CSU/DSUs at both ends. We're replacing 3620 routers with the WIC T-1 modules and external CSU/DSU's. The T-1 is provisioned already and has been working fine with the old routers.

My question has to do with clocking on the new VWIC MFT routers.

Do I set one router as source clock internal and the other router as source clock line? Right now this is how our CSU/DSUs are configured: source clock internal at one site and source clock line at the other site. Or do I use line on both ends?

Also, do I need to put in "no-network-clock-participate or "network-clock-participate." What's the difference?

This is strictly T-1 data and no voice.



I have this problem too.
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