Adding a Subscriber to a CCM 4.1(3) cluster

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Feb 26th, 2007

We have a cluster of CCM 4.1(3)sr2 nodes (Publisher and single Subscriber). These were installed from CCM 4.1(2) media and were upgraded to 4.1(3), and then to 4.1(3)sr2. If I wish to add a subscriber I understand I need to install from 4.1(3) media directly, but is this sufficient, as the media will not be 4.1(3)sr2. Can an update to sr2 be done after the installation of the new subscriber given that the new server has been built using 4.1(3) media?

I have this problem too.
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gogasca Mon, 02/26/2007 - 17:59

I dont think that would work.

Youmay to uninstall SR2 in PUB and SUB, then join the new SUB.

After that upgrade the cluster starting iwth the Publisher.

thisisshanky Mon, 02/26/2007 - 21:09


Gonz is absolutely right. You cannot install 4.1.3 on your subscriber because the DB versions are different on the Publisher. Thanks to Cisco, SRs are uninstallable. You can

a. revert the Publisher back to 4.13,

b. install Subscriber with 4.13 and

c. then apply the SR on both servers.



mmelbourne Tue, 02/27/2007 - 00:55

Thanks for that guys.

Are the database versions definitely not compatible between, say 4.1(3) and 4.1(3)sr2? I can see that they may not be compatible between 4.1(2) and 4.1(3).

How can the cluster be reverted to 4.1(3) if the SRs cannot be uninstalled?

mmelbourne Tue, 02/27/2007 - 02:57

I've just look in Add/Remove Programs and it shows an 4.1(3)sr2 uninstall option, so this would suggest SRs are uninstallable?

mchandak Tue, 02/27/2007 - 06:04

I'm sorry, but I have to completely disagree with all the above posts. When you install a CallManager, it would only look for the base CM version and not the ES/SR. Even with SR2 installed on the box you will be able to install/add another subscriber as during the install, the subscriber would check for the CallManager version and when you are using th Media for 4.1(3), it would need the Publisher to be running 4.1(3) and not the SR/ES on it. You dont have to un-install the SR.

Also, yea all ES/SR can be un-installed.

ecstillman Tue, 02/27/2007 - 06:54

I agree with the post above; however, as a way to settle the debate, perhaps mmelbourne can run dbhelper.exe after installing the new subscriber on 4.1(3) - if replication is created successfully with the new box then I see no problem with an upgrade to sr2. Of course, do not place the new subscriber into the CCM group until after the upgrade.


johnnylingo Tue, 02/27/2007 - 12:12

As luck would have it, I had a subscriber that failed to upgrade from 4.1(3)sr3a to sr4b last week, and have decided to completely rebuild it with the Publisher remaining at 4.1(3)sr4b.

If I encounter any problems I will post them here.

ecstillman Thu, 03/01/2007 - 14:15

Steps 4 and 5 are pretty clear in answering this post. Have you completed the re-build, johnnylingo, and how did it go?


Ahmed Elnagar Thu, 03/19/2009 - 17:57

But what if you want to install sub with a Pub 4.1(3) while you have the media of 4.1(2)

I am facing the same problem but with 4.3, my Pub was 4.3(1) and I downloaded updates for it and now it is 4.3(2); I need to add a subscriber to the cluster but the media I have is 4.3(1) and when I try to install I get

The Cisco CallManager version that you are installing on this subscriber does not match the version running on the publisher database server.

Ensure the publisher is upgraded to this Cisco CallManager version before you continue.

Any ideas or workarounds!!!


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