7906 back to factory defaults?

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Feb 27th, 2007


Does anyone know how to reset to factory defaults a 7906? I've been no lucky in my search through the web :(

I've got a 7906 that was registered to a CUCME 4.0 A, and it has been moved to another CUCME 4.0 B.

Now it gets the IP@ and the TFTP@ from the new CME B but it still has in its configuration the IP@ of the old CME A.

I don't know why it is not refreshing that info as it has connectivity to the new CME B and there is another 7906 registered to this new CME B. In fact, my 'faulty' IP Phone was also previously registered to this CME B (some days ago).

So the only thing I can think about is resetting to factory defaults the IP Phone to see if it gets the right info.




I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Brandon Buffin about 9 years 7 months ago


Follow the steps in the following link to erase the local configuration.


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