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I have hub & multiple spokes setup for DMVPN. The spoke to spoke tunnels are comming up on the spokes as they should do. When i chesk the spoke for

"sh ip cef tunnel10 detail"

I see the hub tunnel int address instade of seeing the remote spokes tunnel int address for the remote LAN.

Could some one give me any ideas why this is working this way?

I have this problem too.
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Kamal Malhotra Wed, 02/28/2007 - 14:04


This is the expected behaviour, because DMVPN does not follow the conventional routing model

where the data traffic goes to the next hop where they learn routing updates from and exchange hellos, but in DMVPN, the routing updates are only exchanged between hub and spoke and they dont flow between the spokes. NHRP takes precedence on the routing and sends the traffic directly from spoke to spoke. During the formation of the spoke-spoke tunnel, (and cef adjacencies formation) the data goes to the spoke via the hub and once the tunnel between the spokes is up it goes directly to the spoke. To reiterate, the routing updates are exchanged between the hub-spoke even when the spoke-spoke tunnel is up.


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