Router with a Switch or Vice Versa

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Feb 28th, 2007

I need a router with a switch built in. I cannot find what I need on the website.

I have this problem too.
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cratejockey Sat, 03/03/2007 - 08:26


Just wanted to throw in my 10 cents on this issue. Your choice for a Router with a Switch built in is being driven by some sort of criteria. Depending on what those criteria are you might be able to go with a switch with routing capabilities. If you want to post your requirements I can help try to narrow down what will work best for you. Quickly though I will point out that the current line of Cat 3560 Switches offer basic routing such as statics and I think EIGRP-STUB in their base version. If you bump up to Advanced IP Services or what used to be called EMI then you gain full routing capabilities including Multicast routing, Full EIGRP as well as quite a bit more. If you require serial interface such as T1 or even ADSL WIC interfaces though you will have to go with a true router with switch interfaces. I'll monitor this conversation feel free to post more info on what you need or questions you may have.

Good Luck,

joeyarbrough Mon, 03/05/2007 - 07:00

Yes I do need a serial interface, but it is for a ISDN modem. All I was told was that I need a router with a switch module in it that can connect to our ISDN line.

cratejockey Mon, 03/05/2007 - 09:13

Ok. Lets see if I have this straight.

You have an ISDN Modem. That modem has an ethernet handoff.

You are looking for a router that has multiple ethernet ports for connection to you ISDN Modem and your internal network switch.

If that is the case then you could probably go with the cisco 831 access router.

Just make sure that it has all the features that you are looking for. If I didn't understand your requirement correctly let me know.

Good Luck.

joeyarbrough Mon, 03/05/2007 - 11:02

I didn't give you enough information, sorry. I have an Adtran ISU 2X64 ISDN modem with a serial connection.

ROBERT TOGONON Mon, 03/05/2007 - 16:49

Cisco 2801 worked with 4 ports switchport if you are looking for a Cisco products.


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