Broadcast traffic filtering at catalyst 2950 switch

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Mar 1st, 2007

I have a catalyst 2950G at plant with two pannels (IP Managed by a Server placed at my CPD) connected and from some moment ahead one of them started to fail. We used a sniffer and the traffic sent for both is the same and to certify created an ACL (just for L3), but didn't work. Does anybody has faced the same problem? PS: According to pannel manufacturer it's very simple and ther are no differences between them.(sw and hw at same version)

I have this problem too.
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wdrootz Wed, 03/07/2007 - 13:02

Broadcast suppression prevents the disruption of switched ports on a LAN when a broadcast storm occurs on one of the ports. A LAN broadcast storm occurs when broadcast or multicast packets flood the LAN. A broadcast storm creates excessive traffic and degrades network performance. Errors in the implementation of the protocol stack or incorrect network configuration can cause a broadcast storm.

Broadcast suppression uses filtering that measures broadcast activity on a LAN over a one-second period and compares the measurement with a predefined threshold. If the threshold is reached, further broadcast activity is suppressed for a specified duration. Broadcast suppression is disabled by default.


luiz.alexandre.... Thu, 03/08/2007 - 12:15

Hi William,

I think my problem is to restrict the broadcast traffic at switch port because when in normal mode every L2 packets are sent to all ports. For some reason one of two pannels when receiving some of this packets turns into blocked state and after a few seconds back to normal.So, what I need is to filter traffic to keeo it exclusivelly between the pannels and the management workstation.




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