Supervise Transfer set to Always Hold If Busy...not holding

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Mar 1st, 2007

I'm trying to use Unity to provide MOH for a Meet Me that isn't setup yet. I have a Call Handler setup to Supervise Transfer and set to Always Hold if the call is busy, but it doesn't stay on hold. The call goes right to the greeting (which is blank) and takes a message. I did find I had some CSS and PT issues, but I think I got those resolved, but it still doesn't work. If I have the Meet Me setup the call gets transferred. If it's not setup I get the beep to leave a message. I tried this as a Caller System transfer also. If the Meet Me is setup I get connected, if it's not setup the call gets discarded. Any ideas? Thanks!

I have this problem too.
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eschulz Thu, 03/01/2007 - 11:28

The key to makeing Always Hold work is that Unity must be able to detect that the phone is busy, e.g. Unity gets busy tone when it attempts the transfer. If a CFB setting sends the call back to Unity, then the consultation call will immediately be answered by another port. The transfering port will see the call as answered and will release the transfer, sending your caller directly to the personal greeting for that forwarded phone.


MikeTomasko Thu, 03/01/2007 - 11:45

When I dial the Meet Me internally when it's not setup, I do get a busy signal. So Unity should be getting the same.

I just did another test and tried a Caller System Transfer to anotehr Meet Me number that I didn't setup for the Unity intercept yet and it also just discards that call. Could it still be a PT or CSS issue? I'm attaching a screen shot of the call from the PortStausMonitor.

eschulz Thu, 03/01/2007 - 12:08

I suppose it could be a PT or CSS issue causing Unity to not get the same busy tone that you are hearing. Your best bet might be to dig into some diags (a TAC case could assist with this). Diags from Unity's Skinny TSP would show what exactly Unity sees when attempting the transfer and how it responds. If Unity isn't getting what it needs (busy tone) then CCM traces might show why.

rob.huffman Thu, 03/01/2007 - 12:54

Hi Mike,

I think its actually re-order tone that you get from dialling into a Meet-Me before it is setup.

Hope this helps!


MikeTomasko Thu, 03/01/2007 - 13:08

So do you know how this can be setup to get MOH for a Meet-Me till the Meet-Me is setup? Someone posted a reply yesterday that a Cisco Press book by Bateman has the whole thing step by step, but they never said what book or posted the steps for me. Thanks!

rob.huffman Thu, 03/01/2007 - 13:55

Hi Mike,

It looks like it must be this book (which I don't have - sorry)

Configuring CallManager and Unity: A Step-by-Step Guide - By David Bateman.

Describes how to use Unity and CallManager together to deliver unique features

(This book is Safari Enabled. When you buy this book, you get free access to the online edition for 45 days.)

Hope this helps!



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