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Mar 3rd, 2007

dear all, i got an an ip address there is no specific subnet mask given, now for my h.o i need to get 256 diff subnetworks, and each subnet should be able to take 254 hosts. and i've 20 diff remote locations also.

so i want to utilise subnets from this in these 20 location's, in one location there will be 3 vlans and hosts should be 128 no's. so for 20 locations say 20*3 = 60 subnets.

how can i achieve that thru subnetting.

i will rate all the posts.

I have this problem too.
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scottmac Sat, 03/03/2007 - 23:14

Well, the "Cheap & Easy" way would be to apply a 24 bit mask to your address (

That would give you 254 subnets (obviously more than you've asked for), but each subnet would give you 254 hosts.

SO, for location one, you'd use,, and ... location two would use 10.73.{4,5,6}, location three would use 10.73.{7,8,9} and so on.

Remember, you'll need at least one block of addresses to subnet for your WAN connection, some "utility" subnets in the data center, perhaps some for wireless, perhaps some for VPNs .... it's better to plan for future growth and have some "spare" subnets & addresses at your disposal.

Good Luck



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