Cisco 3550 VLAN vs Protected Ports

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Mar 4th, 2007

I was hoping someone can help me with this setup:

Linksys VPN Router (IP: Subnet: connected to FastEthernet0/1 (VLAN1) on Cisco 3550 48 port (

This setup is for a 45 unit building sharing an internet line, and each port gets assigned to each unit, so tenants wont see each others networks.

Will using protected ports do the job or do I need to resort to VLANs?

And what advantage do VLANs give me over using protected ports to segregate networks?

I have this problem too.
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ahmednaas Sun, 03/04/2007 - 08:08

Yes protected ports will do the job you want. Put all the clients in a single VLAN other than VLAN 1 and make all the ports protected. In addition, use "switchport block unicast" and "switchport block multicast" for added certainty.

johnlobee Sun, 03/04/2007 - 18:11

Offtopic question: Can anyone give me pros and cons of VLAN vs protected ports?

johnlobee Sun, 03/04/2007 - 18:48

Can I enable protected ports while all the clients are in VLAN 1 or do I have to split them up into VLAN 2?


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