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We're having difficulty trying to bridge 2 7304 routers for exchanging control

messages and at the same time apply some QoS on the voice traffic between

them. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Consider the following scenario. We have a 7304 router with 3 ethernet ports

(e0, e1, e2) and 8 T1's (t1 2/0,2/1, ..., 2/7).

Can I do the following:

(1) create an IRB bridge-group 1 to bridge {e0, t1 2/0};

(2) create a multilink, call it MLP-1, for the remaining 7 T1's {t1 2/1,..., t1 2/7}.

MLP-1 does not belong to any bridge group. Can I then route IP packets

and apply L3 QoS on MLP-1?

Do I *have to* turn off IP routing and CEF globally in order to use IRB in (1)? If

so, can I still do (2)?

Thanks in advance.

I have this problem too.
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Richard Burts Sun, 03/04/2007 - 13:38


I am not sure what is in the background of your question. But I have never seen anything with a requirement to turn off IP routing to use IRB. The whole purpose of IRB is to bridge protocol packets on some interfaces while routing protocol packets on other interfaces. Unless there is some other aspect of what you are doing I see no need to turn off IP routing or CEF.




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