SPAN problem,is it my understanding right?

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Mar 5th, 2007

"Only traffic that enters or leaves source ports or traffic that enters or leaves source VLANs can be monitored by using SPAN; traffic routed to a source VLAN cannot be monitored. For example, if

incoming traffic is being monitored, traffic that gets routed from another VLAN to the source VLAN cannot be monitored; however, traffic that is received on the source VLAN and routed to another VLAN can be monitored."

1.Receive SPAN:

Packets will be forworded to destinations before modification (routing(modified TTL ,MAC-address) or QoS) or doping (ACLs , ingress QoS policing ,VLAN ACLs or egress Qos policing).

2.Transit SPAN:

the packets sent by the source interface after all modification(TTL,MAC-address,QoS values) and processing(ACLs and egresss QoS) is performed by the switch.

3.packes like ping the sourece interfaces,will not be monitored.

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