6509 switch and lighttpd server software

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Mar 6th, 2007
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Is anyone aware of any isues using a 6509 switch with server running lighttpd

I am not getting anywhere with my NOC and am looking for answers independantly from them

we have 8 high load servers behind a 6509 switch connected to cogent

each server goes down every 12 or so hours. no apparent reason it just fails software on the server runs fine. including lighttpd

only a reboot seems to correct the issue, or patience it comes up again after about an hours "rest" (no scripts are rebooting the server software)

hard to quantify but I have also noted if one servers bandwidth usage increases another drops or maybe several?

I believe the router has overall bandwidth capping enabled to a limit of 4gb/s until recently we were running at that level 24/7 with all the problems occuring

I am surmising that perhaps something to do with lighttpd is causing the router to 'mismanage" the capping reducing the bwidth allowance on some ports in favour to other ports? it seems if this is the case the port with the most b/w is selected at random.

when running apache everything seems fine except apache cannot handle the number of concurrent connections and server load skyrockets to over 100 on average. with lighttpd it drops to 1-2 on average but these other issues surface.

Each server usually has 2000-4000 concurrent connections. downloading files in the range of 2-25Mbytes

I cannot give any information about the configuration of the 6509 as I am not privy to it.

any clues as to what may be happening could help me present an intelligent argument to the techs at the NOC giving them something to look for

Thanks in advance

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gmarogi Mon, 03/12/2007 - 12:36
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The Catalyst 6500 series Content Switching Module (CSM) provides high-performance server load balancing (SLB) among groups of servers, server farms, firewalls, caches, VPN termination devices, and other network devices, based on Layer 3 as well as Layer 4 through Layer 7 packet information.


rebelvideo Mon, 03/12/2007 - 16:28
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Thank you

The link you provided appears to be invalid

we have at least partially solved the issue which was due to lighttpd not being threaded, in essence it was i/o bound, so unrelated to the 6509

Unfortunately the 12 hour cycle of downtime has not been resolved. again as the 6509 is one of the very few common points we are still looking at it as at least part of the problem.

rajivrajan1 Mon, 03/12/2007 - 22:28
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is it possible for you to post the config>?


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