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Mar 7th, 2007


My question is as follows :-

I have an access-list,

access-list 99 permit and I want to ONLY allow this ACL as incoming to my router,R4 and no other routes. R4 has 2 serial interfaces s0/0 and s0/1.

To accomplish this, I am doing the following [1] :-

router eigrp 100

distribute-list 99 in

My q is that is it necessary to specify the following OR [1] would do the job.

distribute-list 99 in s0/0

distribute-list 99 in s0/1

Pls advice,


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royalblues Wed, 03/07/2007 - 03:47


The configurations would depend on how many active interfaces you have on your router.

When you mention the interface along with the command the filter applies only to the updates on that interface.

If only the command "distribute-list 99 in" is used it would apply to all incoming updates.

If you have any ethernet interface which is also participating in EIGRP and need not have any filter, the above commands are necessary

HTH, rate if it does


flashsplash Wed, 03/07/2007 - 07:53

Hi Sanjay,

please be more specific what ur problem is cause ur posting Redistribution as a Topic but ur placing access lists as info. What ur now doing is filtering the traffic by using access-lists and distribution-list. So what exactly is ur question. Cause Redistribution is putting one type of network/path into another protocol.


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