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Mar 7th, 2007
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Hi All,

I'm performing two WCCP web-caches which implements WCCPv2 protocol. I would like their WCCP Router (cisco-2600 Version 12.4) to performed traffic redirect and distribute the redirect traffic between those two Web-caches.

I would like that my Web-caches shall receive any TCP traffic which going out to the WAN or come towards the LAN.

I would like the WCCP Router shall redirect all TCP segments of a specific connection to the same Web-cache.

I understand the Web-caches needs to join 61 and 62 services (TCP promiscuous) and I need to configure the WCCP Router to 61 and 62 services.

Although I configured the Router to 61, 62 services and my Web-caches sent the right WCCPv2 messages in order to join the 61, 62 services, it doesn't work as I expected.

The Router recognized both Web-caches and its services (61, 62) and its fine. But, although the Router redirects TCP traffic to both Web-caches on both services (61 and 62), it doesn't resume the TCP connection. Meaning: parts of the connection's segments are being redirect to Web-cache 'A' while the other are redirect to Web-cache 'B'.

The big question is: what have I done wrong?

Do I need more than configured the Router with 61 on interface-1 (connected to the WAN) and 62 on interface-2 (connected to the LAN)?

Does the 61 and 62 are Dynamic services or Standard service (WCCP RFC declared two types of service: dynamics and standard) ?

Does the Router needs more configuration ?

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