lpezj Thu, 03/08/2007 - 06:49


You can not block calls by ANI directly in CallManager.

You could use Cisco IP/IVR or IPCC Express to do it, or if you are using H.323 Cisco gaetways, take a look to this post:


Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

sanjaya.purnomo Tue, 01/12/2010 - 13:23

Hi Juan,

So you mentioned that we can block the incoming calls using ANI on IPCC.  do you have any instruction on how to do it?



asandborgh Tue, 01/12/2010 - 13:56


For simplicity sake use the dial-peers if this is an H323 gateway with the call-block statement as previously noted..

If you really feel like you want to do it in IPCC, it depends on whether you are using UCCX or UCCE.

For UCCX you would use the "Get Call Contact Info" step to grab the ANI.  Create an if statement and send the true leg to a terminate step - or if you want to mess with them send it to a queue that no one ever logs into so they sit in limbo ; ^))

On UCCE you would do a similar match using the "CLID" call routing node and then send it to an "End" node (I think - it's been awhile).

If you aren't familiar with scripting for these products you might want to read the configuration guides and other documentation.  UCCX isn't bad to pick up, UCCE is a bit more complicated.



sanjaya.purnomo Mon, 01/18/2010 - 15:06

Hi Art,

Thank you for your reply,

Do you have the sample scripts for "Get Call Contact Info" and the "if" statement?

For "Get Call Contact Info", I have created:

- New Variable: (with the phone number that i want to block, example:) xxx-yyy-zzzz with the name "BLOCK"

- "Get Call Contact Info" script and set the variable to "BLOCK"

For the "if" statement:

I have difficulty creating the "If then" statement and set the condition to it will match the "BLOCK" variable/phone number:

However i have done these

- I have created the if it is TRUE, it will Goto "End Call"

- I have created the if it is FALSE, it will Goto "Menu"

Can you help?



thisisshanky Thu, 03/08/2007 - 07:52

If using a h323 gateway you may use call-block command to create call blocking rules.


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